As the name implies, our Reverse trucks feature a reverse kingpin style and are best used for carving and downhill riding and the knurled kingpin stays securely in place while riding all types of terrain. These trucks feature a raked hanger that can be flipped. In the ‘regular’ configuration, your trucks will be more agile, and in the ‘flipped’ configuration they’ll be more stable. The 356 Aluminum and Chromoly axle have become the ‘gold-standard’ of the truck industry and have proven themselves through years of use and abuse.  This heat-treated aluminum cannot be die-cast, and is responsible for the strength and familiar grind characteristics you should expect from a quality truck.

Additional benefits come from the integrated speed ring on both the raked hanger and axle nut. The rings provide improved alignment to your bearings, for better speed roll and longevity.  They also reduce friction, by only touching the inner race of the bearing and because they are integrated, you can’t lose them! Reverse trucks feature an 8-hole baseplate for old school or new school mounting and come with 89A RAD barrel bushings and flat washers. Additionally, these trucks have a weight-saving hanger design, a 47-degree weight-saving baseplate and a small hole in the baseplate for easy pivot cup removal.